We develop and produce all types of garments including trousers, shorts, sports jackets, casual skirts, and casual dresses, in all kinds of woven fabrics, like denim, various weaves in various types of compositions, organic or non organic cottons, recycled fibers including mixed fibers, just to name a few.


We are Modcom

We are based in Balazar, Póvoa de Varzim, were we are known for our excelent quality within the textile market. We have been producing for over 20 years, providing our clients with quality garments, this being our top priority.

Strict Planning

Carefully thought out in order to satisfy each client's needs.

Quality in Production

We garantee maximum product quality.

Delivery Timeline

We do out best to comply and meet with required delivery date.


We export to France, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Holanda, U.S.A. and more.

We aim to achieve to achieve sustained growth and development with a diverse clients base operating in the medium to high market segments. We always seek to acompany the latest production and managment technologies whilst asserting our market strategy on new and sucessive challenges.

about us
about us


We want to form a strong partnership with each client.

With each client, build a partnership

Guarantee exclusive and personalize service to all our clients, surpassing expectations in quality as well as in delivery.

We want to be recognized both locally and globally for our excellence within the textile sector.

- Social responsability;
- Ethical mindsets and uttermost respect for all those involved in the production value chain;
- Innovation;
- Quality.


Thanks to our vast knowledge in textiles, we are able to produce garments with quality even those with a sophisticated design.

MODCOM partners with embroiderers, printers, laundries and dye-houses. These partners help us transform each garment into a work of art.